Outreach Services

Need support for your class or homeschool? Check out the outreach offerings from the library! Our library staff can meet with you and your class or homeschool in a live or prerecorded setting, depending on needs and preferences. The Library has worked with many local schools in the past and we are happy to adjust or bring back activities that we may have run in your class in previous years. There is no charge for an outreach session.

EGPL Outreach Offerings Booking Form

Literacy Visits

Library programming focused on literacy aims to support early child development, enhance school learning, and support equal opportunity by bridging the gap between varying income brackets. Suitable for any age group:

Explore the library’s collection of picture books along with songs and rhymes.

Learn how the library organises all our books and how to find them on your own.

STEAM Visits

STEAM programs allow students to explore and problem solve in combined subject areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Our STEAM programs are suitable for grades 3 and up. Programs can be tailored to your class needs.

Using different materials, take on challenges provided by library staff. Build the tallest tower, earthquake resistant buildings, or a bridge crossing between stacks of books. The library will coordinate with teachers in advance of the visit to adapt the activity so they support class units.

Use Makey Makeys and design principles to help your library, or classroom, be more exciting! Create talking doors, interactive displays and more while learning about electricity.

Practice storyboarding and storytelling skills with a stop motion movie! Using Lego and Scratch, create a movie that showcases your directing and teamwork abilities.

If you need support with 3D printing or Cricut Access, reach out to us for demos or how-to-use tutorials.