Digital Library Guides

Do you need assistance getting started with our digital resources or tackling some troubleshooting? Linked below are resources that can help!

Libby: This troubleshooting guide provides device specific support, including Android, Apple, eReaders, and more.

Hoopla: This help page offers how to get started guides, troubleshooting support for a variety of devices, and reasons you may encounter common error codes.

LinkedIn Learning: This help page provides information on how to sign in, access certificates from completed courses, and use the mobile app.

Freegal Music+: The FAQ page provides information about the services you can access, how to use the mobile app, and answers to common technical questions.

Kanopy: The Kanopy Help guide includes information about navigating the resource, as well as help with the mobile app and TV app. 

PressreaderIn the Help Center, you can find how to video tutorials as well as general troubleshooting information.