Write On!

Since 1993, the East Gwillimbury Public Library has encouraged young writers to imagine and create. Every year, students in grades 3 to 8 are invited to submit a short story for inclusion in the 2024 Write On! Anthology. Winning submissions will be published and celebrated at our anthology launch party in the fall of 2024. The selected winners will be notified in late summer.

2024 Theme

This year’s theme is Secrets of the Forest!

an image of a mysterious tree in a forest that has a door in it. The text reads "Write On 2024 Theme: Secrets of the Forest"


  • This contest is for students in grades 3 to 8.
  • Must be an original work written and illustrated by the participant(s).
  • Graphic stories must be no more than 4 pages, including the cover page, and printed one-sided on letter-size paper. Colour is not a factor in the judging process, as entries will be published in black and white. Participants may work solo or collaborate with a partner, each doing either the text or illustrations. Solo works and collaborations will be judged separately. Computer designed images are acceptable as long as it is original work (no clip art).
  • Short stories must be typewritten and no more than 1,250 words.
  • Extremely violent or inappropriate images or storylines will not be accepted.
  • Please do not write names or addresses on submitted work.
  • Submissions will be accepted until May 30th, 2024.
  • Winning submissions will be published by the Library in an anthology, with a book launch party in the fall of 2024. The anthology includes published stories in their original form, with minimal spelling, punctuation, or grammar editing.
  • Questions? Contact the Programs & Community Engagement Manager at 905-836-6492 ext. 115 or rbach@egpl.ca.

How to Submit

For paper submissions, you can pick up a form from one of our branches or print your own copy.

Paper Submission form

For online submissions, please complete the online submission form below. Please have your submission saved as a PDF to upload.

Online Submission Form

Need Inspiration?

Read some great books to get you inspired! Check out our Secrets of the Forest Inspiration book list that contains all kinds of mystical books right here at EGPL. 

Writing Prompts

Need some extra inspiration for your story? Try using some of our writing prompts!

  1. You’re walking through the forest one evening when you see something glowing in the distance. You venture closer to the mysterious glow and come face to face with a huge tree that has a big, wooden door in the centre of its tree trunk. The door is cracked slightly ajar, and a warm, orange glow spills out, inviting you in. You reach for the doorknob to open the door further, and journey inside…
  2. There are many mythical creatures that dwell in the forest, like fairies, gnomes, and tree sprites. Write from one (or all) of their perspectives. What exciting quests or misadventures might they get into?
  3. Imagine yourself as a towering ancient tree in the middle of the forest. You might be over 100 years old! What might you have seen and felt over the long years it took you to grow so tall?
  4. You’re walking through the forest on a warm, bright day when the air around you swirls and you notice some sparkles floating right in front of your nose. A small fairy suddenly flies right up to you and beckons you to follow it! What could it possibly need, and why did it ask you…?
  5. Humans don’t know much about the forest at night, and they prefer to stay away, but little do they know, elves, trolls, and other kinds of beings are up all night, getting into all kinds of mischief in the mystical forest!
  6. Write from the perspective of a forest creature. What secrets of the forest might a squirrel, fox, or owl have seen?
  7. You have been traveling from your old Kingdom for a long time and are cutting through a beautiful, green forest, when suddenly, a toad wearing a crown jumps onto your head, pleading for your help to turn them back! How will you help turn them back?
  8. You’ve recently discovered a map that was hidden away in your attic, and it leads you to your local forest. You have been here so many times, you could find your way out blindfolded! However, now you see a new area on the map and there’s a huge red X marked there, somewhere you have never been before… so you start walking in that direction.