InterLibrary Loan

Need to borrow an item that our library does not have? InterLibrary Loan can make your search province wide! Once you place a request, our wonderful staff will reach out to libraries across the province to get you a copy. Some restrictions do apply:

  • Items may take a few weeks to arrive
  • Customers can have up to 5 active requests at a time.
  • Not all libraries take part in Interlibrary loan service which may affect the availability of some items
  • Items newer than 1 year of publication will not be ordered
  • Very popular items, such a blockbuster DVDs may not be fulfilled, depending on the lending library.
  • As we borrow Inter-Library Loan items from other libraries, please note that these materials are subject to a $0.25 late fee per day per item.

Questions? Please contact your local branch.

What kind of items can be borrowed with Inter-Library Loans?

Inter-Library Loans can be used to borrow print, audio, and dvd titles from other partnering Libraries. All library materials may be requested on Inter-Library loan, subject to the availability and Inter-Library loan policies of the lending libraries. Loan periods are also subject to the policies of the lending Library. Generally, audio-visual materials, such as DVDs/videos and cassettes/CDs, are difficult to obtain, and the East Gwillimbury Library will not attempt to borrow a title within one year of its publishing date.

How do I make an Inter-Library Loan Request?

To make an ILLO request, either visit a branch, or visit the ILLO Self Serve Page of the Library. Library staff will review the request, and will contact you when the title arrives. Expect the process to take 4 or more weeks depending on the availability of the item.
To access our ILLO Self Serve Page, please email to set up a login. For more information about how to access our Inter-Library Loan service, please click here.