Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

2023-2026 Strategic Plan

The Library launched its latest strategic plan in 2023, which will guide our efforts for the next four years. View the full documents using the link above, or the highlights on the rest of this page.

Our Vision

Empowering people, enriching lives.

Our Mission

Igniting our communities through literacy, discovery, and connection.


Literacy is the foundation of a healthy community and critical thinking is essential to a flourishing society. We believe everyone has a right to learn and participate.


We believe we have a role in educating our community on climate change and aim to make decisions around services, collections, and operations through a sustainability lens.


A good question can define or redefine our future. We value curiosity because it strengthens our ability for deeper awareness and new understanding.


Everyone belongs at the library and has a right to a safe space within an environment of equity, diversity, inclusion, and integrity.


Libraries are connectors of information, ideas, services, and resources.

Build Healthy Communities

We see our role in cultivating a connected and curious community. We aim to promote a healthy community through civic engagement, enriching experiences, social supports, and new opportunities.

Expand Access

Grounded in our commitment to promote literacy in all its forms, we will create more ways for you to access information and develop your interests. We will provide safe spaces and remove barriers, because we want everyone to enjoy spending time here.

Provide Exceptional Experiences

The Library is a space where everyone belongs. We are deeply committed to providing positive and empowering experiences and will strengthen internal and external relationships and engage with our community to ensure we’re doing the best we can.

Library Services Growth Plan

In early 2024 the Library released its Library Services Growth Plan which outlines where the library is today, and how it plans to respond to growth in the years to come. View the whole document to see how the Library plans to respond to growing populations and customer needs

Library Services Growth Plan

Library Annual Report