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Ontario Public Library Week is a chance to celebrate the work that public libraries do in their communities. At East Gwillimbury Public Library we wanted to show our appreciation for you, too! We have some events coming up this week that you can join, as well as some week-long activities and opportunities that are listed below.

Library Card Sign-Up Prizes!

If you don’t already have a card, or know someone who doesn’t, this is the perfect week to sign up! Anyone who signs up for a library card during OPL week will be entered into a draw for an EGPL prize pack.

Poem Treasure Hunt

We have a treasure hidden somewhere in Holland Landing and one hidden in Mount Albert. To find them, search for the clues using the poems below. Once you have all four clues, unscramble the letters to make a word! Head to the fiction section to look for a book with that word and bring it to the front desk to collect your free book! (While quantities last).


Holland Landing Poem

To find your first clue,
look where Robin Hood hides
Fight the dragon if you think you’ll win
Stories show that you can do anything if you try
Your own adventure is about to begin!

Books aren’t only found in our stacks
For your next clue look to where soft books hang
Appreciation can be shown through more than plaques
Here, we always consider our community to be part of the gang

Cozy afternoons are best spent reading in corners
Windows bring plenty of light to see your pages
Light shines down onto our next clue, a decoration for learners
It makes this area a great place for all ages

Our community is growing bigger each day
People come from all over and bring their languages too
Families know their culture is here to stay
We have books in many languages to take with you!

Now your hints have been gathered
Take your letters and sort them
Look for a text old and battered
Your prize is somewhere in our fiction section!

Mount Albert Poem

Start your journey where your visit ends
Where your own hands can take out your books
Within your community our first clue blends
It’s time for you to take a look!

Rows of computers frame our next clue
We can learn so much online if we know how
While easy to use for some, it may be challenging for you
Our special tech makes sure that everyone is included now

Search next around the heart of our space
Like clues, learning opportunities can be anywhere
Make sure you look high and low just in case
Be mindful of others as you move along this thoroughfare

Our last clue brings us back to the start
Things are always happening around here
It’s a place to put important news and sometimes art
Nearby our staff are ready to greet you with great cheer

Now your hints have been gathered
Take your letters and sort them
Look for a text old and battered
Your prize is somewhere in our fiction section!



Cover for Head Space, with a cartoon image of a head with a brain inside, operating science fiction controlsAuthor Visit – Jenny Mouse!

Grades K – 3
Tuesday, October 19
Session 1: 9:30 am
Session 2: 10:30 am
Jenny Mouse is a local mom and author. She wrote her book after finding that the resources to help children learn about their brain were limited. Her book, Brian the Brain Head Space, teaches children how their brain works so that they can understand their most important tool. Understanding the brain can help children understand and value metal health, help give them tools for learning, and help them to never give up.
Jenny had a hard time completing school work when she was young. When she started University she took her first psychology class and completely changed the way she was studying. It made a huge difference, and she was able to get better grades while studying less. She’s hoping that her book will have an impact on the next generation, helping them learn how to learn.

To register, email [email protected]

Live Q&A: How do I help my tween or teen stay safe online?

Wednesday, October 20

6:30 pm – Facebook Live

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month, a perfect opportunity for parents to learn how to keep tweens and teens safe online and on social media. Not 100% sure how to do it? You’re not alone. Join other EG parents for a Facebook Live session for an open Q&A with Christine Menard of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (@GetCyberSafe). Feel free to send questions in advance or ask them during the session. You’ll also get tips to increase your family’s online safety.

Fake News Escape Room

This new escape room launces Friday October 22 on egpl.ca! Solve puzzles and find the truth in our latest virtual adventure. Check out our blog to find all of our virtual escape rooms.

Write On! 2021

Wednesday October 21 will be the Write On! 2021 website launch! Copies of the printed anthology will be available for purchase at all locations, and we will have a slideshow display with some sneak peaks of the stories playing. You can find more information at our Write On! page.


What’s New?