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The Library is excited to participate in the Ontario Parks Permit Lending program.  Permits may be borrowed for up to 1 week and are holdable or available at the front desk.  Please note that we are not allowing renewals at this time.  For more information, please contact the Library at [email protected] or check out the FAQs below.

Q:   What are Ontario Parks day-use vehicle permits?  Who can use them?

A:    Annual day-use vehicle permits provide unlimited day-use access for one vehicle and its occupants to all provincial parks in Ontario where fees are normally charged. Park capacity limitations will apply. The permits must be displayed on the rear-view mirror or dashboard of the vehicle while it is in a park. To find a list of provincial parks in Ontario please visit: OntarioParks.com/park-locator.

Q:   For how long are the permits valid?

A:    For 2021, the permits supplied will be valid from January 1 to December 31, 2021.

Q:   How many times may I borrow a permit?

A:    Each customer or family may borrow a permit up to two times throughout the year.  However, customers may not borrow the permit two consecutive times in a row.  These limits facilitate fair access and availability of permits to all community members.

Q:   What happens if I lose the permit?

A:    Customers will be asked to cover a replacement cost of $225, which is the value of the Commercial Day-Use Vehicle Permit offered through Ontario Parks.

Q:   Are there any additional materials that are loaned with a permit?

A:    Yes, Ontario Parks will supply each participating library with the following resources to accompany the annual day-use vehicle permit each time it is loaned out:

  • A coupon for $5 off your next daily vehicle permit at Ontario Parks to further encourage people to spend time in nature. Each library will be provided with a supply of coupons; one should be provided to the patron each time a permit is loaned out.
  • A copy of the Ontario Parks guide (for loan only; please return with the permit).

Q:   Why is Ontario Parks offering a day-use vehicle permit lending program through libraries?

A:    Ontario Parks has partnered with individual public funded libraries in Ontario to loan annual day-use permits to customers. Ontario Parks is committed to making our provincial parks more accessible. This program is one way they are helping more Ontarians to get outside and enjoy their local provincial park. A wide body of research supports the idea that time spent in nature has significant benefits for our mental and physical health. Please visit their Healthy Parks Healthy People program at https://www.ontarioparks.com/hphp for more information.

Q: Is there an Ontario Parks guidebook available?

The Ontario Parks guide is available through the park locator on the Ontario Parks website.
A digital version of the French and English guides can be also be downloaded here.



What’s New?