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EGPL’s annual Write On! contest is officially open!

The deadline for Write On! 2020 has been extended! You can now submit your stories, graphic stories and poems until August 31st!

The Library invites students from grade 3—8 to submit a short story, graphic story or poem related to the topic of “Let’s Explore.”

All entries will be reviewed and selected students will have the opportunity to be published in an anthology of the selected winners.

The Write On! contest has been running for over 20 years and is a celebration of creativity and writing.

How to enter:

Click here to download the PDF submissions form.

Email your submission to [email protected] along with your completed submissions form.

Writing Prompts


“Where are you going today?” she asked. “I don’t know,” I said, hopping around restlessly. “I just feel like going on an adventure. Want to join me?”


The trill of birdsong, the feeling of warm sun on skin, and the sky was cloudless and blue… today was the perfect day to explore! Only one question remained: where to go?


“There’s no way we’re going into that creepy place! You must be crazy if you want to go exploring in there!”


One day, my thirst for adventure was going to land me in big trouble. But hopefully not today.


They had been traveling for days and days, and one thing was certain –they were well and truly lost with no idea where they were going.


Today was the day I’d been waiting for since forever; my first real grown-up adventure!


I wish something exciting would happen to me today, I thought, staring at the cloudy gray sky.



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