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The Library has a wide range of options in our Digital Branch to borrow eBooks, borrow Audiobooks, listen to music, watch movies, read newspapers, learn about new places, learn an instrument, learn how to code, and more. We also have librarians ready to answer your questions online. Since there are so many options, we have compiled a handy list of questions we frequently get.

What is my Library card’s PIN?

Your PIN is usually the last four digits of the phone number we have on file. If that does not work, please contact [email protected] and we will look into that further for you.

I have a question for a librarian, how can I ask it?

There are quite a few ways to ask questions of our staff, either by emailing [email protected], filling out the Contact Form available on the Contact Us Page, or by clicking the Ask a Question button on the right side of your screen. Reference staff will be on hand from 10am to 4pm seven days a week to answer your questions. Our staff are great at book recommendations, but they can also help with any issues related to your library card, borrowing books, and getting the most out of our digital branch.

How do I borrow eBooks or Audiobooks?

There are several ways to borrow eBooks and Audiobooks. If you are planning to use you computer or laptop, visit our Digital Branch and select any of the options under the Entertainment Section. Depending on the service, these will be on-demand (Hoopla and PressReader) or borrowable more like a traditional library (Overdrive/Libby). Once you borrow a book, it will be yours to read until it is set to be returned, when it will automatically return itself.

Some of our services will allow you to download an app on your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store. Our Digital Branch page will tell you if the program has an available app.

Finally, for those using an eReader, you can download books from our Overdrive Collection to your eReader. New Kobo eReaders will let you borrow eBooks directly to the eReader, while older devices require you to download Adobe Digital Editions, to transfer the books.

Running into trouble? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

What kind of eReader can I use with Library eBooks?

Library books borrowed through Overdrive can only be used on Kobo eReaders, or tablet style Kindle. Overdrive will be available as a menu option if  you have one of the following Kobo eReaders: Kobo Libra H2O, Kobo Forma, Kobo Aura ONE, Kobo Aura H2O edition 2, Kobo Aura edition 2 or Kobo Clara HD

Otherwise, older eReaders will require a laptop or desktop computer to transfer the eBooks.

Where possible, we encourage the public to use apps available to for the iPad and Android Tablets, as they are the easiest to use and troubleshoot.

I see the book I want on Overdrive, but there is a big holds list. Can the Library help?

Absolutely! We are always looking at our holds lists to see if our customers are having too long of a wait. In those cases, we can purchase extra copies of books to make the wait list shorter. However, we can only check this if the title is placed on hold, so if you are interested in a book, make sure to place it on hold.

I don’t see the eBook or Audiobook I want available, how do I get it?

If you don’t see the book available, visit our Contact Page, and fill out the Suggest a Purchase form and be sure to select eBook or Audiobook in the book type. We read every suggestion that comes into the library! It’s the best way to recommend any new books to us, or a classic you want the library to offer in more ways.

Having issues with a specific app? Check out their Help Page!

Overdrive’s Support Section

Hoopla’s Help Section

Are we missing something? Contact [email protected] or click Ask a Question on the right side.


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