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The 2018 East Gwillimbury Municipal Election is October 22nd.

Are you ready to vote? Voters in this election will voting for the first time in a Ward system, and electing two candidates as councillors for their ward, and one candidate as mayor. This election will also elect one trustee for each of the following four school boards: the York Region District School Board, the York Region Catholic District School Board, Conseil scolaire Viamonde, and Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenire.

More information can be found through the Town of East Gwillimbury’s Municipal Election Page.

Members of the Library Board sent out the following list of questions to candidates for councillor and mayor to hear their thoughts on Libraries and you’ll find all of their responses below. Click on the name of the candidate to see their responses:

1. Public libraries rely on municipal and provincial funding to safeguard the critical work they do in communities.
a) As an elected official, do you feel that Town Council should sustain or increase funding for the East Gwillimbury Public Library?
b) What would you be willing to do to increase or sustain funding for the East Gwillimbury Public Library?

2. What partnership opportunities do you think would improve services to the community and the benefit the Library

3. Access to cost-effective high-speed connectivity for all EG residents is essential to support learning, reading, the economy, and engaged communities. How would you like to see our community leverage high speed connectivity?

4. In your opinion, what is the value of the public library in the community? 4. What is your most memorable experience at a public library?

5. Of course we have to ask: What is your favourite book and why?

Candidates for Mayor

We did not receive a response from this candidate at the time of posting.

1a) Yes they should increase based on the growth in our community and special projects.

I would be supporting the library budget and looking for other means of funding (grants, sponsorship etc.)

1b) Seneca College, Region of York, LSRCA and York University, and local businesses

2) Partner with YorkNet, Vianet and neighboring Municipalities. Investigate Federal and Provincial funding opportunities.

3) It is extremely valuable for all generations in our community. Schools can no longer provide the needed resources for young people and our older adult population needs to have the opportunity for continuing education in these changing times. I see the library as a cultural hub of our community not only including books but Drama, Dance, Music  and Fine Arts.

4) I was one of the first book mobile patrons in a plaza parking lot in Scarborough. I was 8 or 9 years old at the time.

5) Famous Last Words by: Timothy Findley

I had the opportunity to interview him about his book at a reading he had at the Red Barn Theatre in Jackson’s Point.

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 1

1a) As a life-long supporter of the library and someone who has dedicated the last 15 years to education, I know the importance of the library to our community. It is essential that it is properly funded and that, as the community grows, so does the library budget.

If elected, I will both advocate and educate my fellow councillors on the importance of the library as a community hub and the benefits it provides to all ages in our community. By highlighting the many ways our library is used and all the good news stories of what is happening at the library, I would hope that my fellow councillors would come to understand how important this is to our community and be able to support an increase in funding for this vital service.

1b) As we move more and more to a technology driven society, the library must keep up with current tech, which can strain budgets. Partnerships with technology companies would be a huge asset. Additionally, greater partnerships with the school boards could help leverage assets by cost sharing. I love the back pack idea and I can see more places where partnerships would help to produce similar programs.

2) High speed connectivity is essential to learning and engaging the community with the most up to date information. As we become more and more an online society, our communities need fast reliable access to the information available online. This is an area I would like to explore best practices from other jurisdiction to ensure we are doing everything we can to have cost effective access to high speed internet for our whole community.

3) The value of the public library is not limited to just “signing our books” – although that has a huge value on its own! The library is a place of knowledge, culture, learning and access to information – whether books, speakers, programs or online access. An important part of this value is that it is accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay – which makes it a great leveler for our society.

I have always valued the importance of reading and that is why when as a trustee, I was asked to name our new schools, I chose names of children’s authors (Robert Munsch, Phoebe Gilman and Barbara Reid) because I know that these individuals inspire our kids not only to read but to write and create as well.

4) A few years ago I was completing my Master’s Degree and had to do an online presentation. Ten minutes before it was my turn to present, my home internet went down. I rushed around the corner to the Library where I had access to internet and a desk to set up at to make my presentation. The librarians were so understanding, knowing my dilemma and bent over backwards to help me.

5) How do you choose just one?! I love Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and all the works of Douglas Adams, particularly Last Chance to See, combining Adam’s wit with ecological awareness. When I first ran for political office someone I worked with gave me a copy of Terry Fallis’s Best Laid Plans. I loved this book for its humour, insights and hope it gave me for the campaign ahead. And for children’s books, anything by Robert Munsch, Barbara Reid or Phoebe Gilman!

We did not receive a response from this candidate at the time of posting.

1a) If I am fortunate enough to be elected I would support funding for the EG Public Library, to say I would support an increase would be the easy thing to say but to be honest I would have to get elected and then see all the numbers and commitments that the town makes to be able to give an honest answer.

1b) As for partnerships I think they are a great idea and would encourage and look for all that would make sense for our community and for the Library.

2) High speed connectivity is essential for everyone in today’s society, areas of our town has an issue with reliable high-speed service and has been brought up during this campaign by some candidates. The first thing we need to do as a community is to get reliable service through our entire town and our Libraries should be a hub for high-speed internet to our community.

3) A public Library is essential to a community, especially in a small community like ours it becomes our identity, a life line for young families to focused on our town instead of going to other towns for the support they need.

4) I have two memories of the Public Library, when growing up in Thunder Bay I remember catching the City bus to the Brodie Street Public Library and spending hours looking at microfiche tapes of old newspaper stories and then going through the card catalogue and chasing down books.

5) My family is full of readers, from my parents and siblings to my wife and children, I however am not a natural reader having said that I do enjoy biographies when I find a topic that interests me and I have always enjoyed Jefferey Archer books and one that comes to mind is Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less.

We did not receive a response from this candidate at the time of posting.

1a) If elected to as Ward 1 Councillor for East Gwillimbury, I would support increasing funding for the East Gwillimbury Public Library. I would be willing to advocate, with the support of my fellow councillor in the ward, and the EG Council, that corporate sponsors be brought on board to help with new funding initiatives.

1b) Presently Chapters sponsors the libraries of YRDSB to increase their funding for new books and resources. The same could be tried with telecommunication companies such as Rogers, Bell, or providers to partnership with the East Gwillimbury Public Library.

2) When developing new subdivisions with Ward 1, the laying of new infrastructure usually includes telecommunication systems. This would present the EG Council with the opportunity to leverage for the library to have new services brought into the library as a part of that development process. It would also give the various internet providers visible local coverage in the library, and a public relations success story for advertising.

3) Public libraries are an essential part of the fabric of any community. Libraries level the playing field giving all residents the opportunity to read for enjoyment, and to learn in order to become better citizens. Public libraries, especially those connected to a community hub, also provide opportunities for residents to hear presenters, participate in forums, and interact with others to feel a sense of community.

4) My most memorable experience takes me back to 1967. After arriving from England in early April my parents asked about the local library in their new neighourhood of East Winnipeg. The actual library was too far to walk to, but a neighbour recommended the mobile bus that visited the pool complex every Saturday afternoon. It was a treat for my sister and I to go every weekend and sign out new books. Reading the adventures of Dr. Seuss made those experiences special for me and fuelled my love of reading to this day.

5) My favourite book is Wind Without Rain by Selwyn Dewdney. I came across this novel while studying at the Faculty of Education. Published in 1946 this Canadian novel was and is based on the character of John Westley as he starts his teaching career in the community of West Kirby. In hindsight this novel has many lessons to teach new generations of readers who struggle daily with the impact of new technologies, especially those connected to social media. In the end what are the true values which make us human?

We did not receive a response from this candidate at the time of posting.

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 2

We did not receive a response from this candidate at the time of posting.

We did not receive a response from this candidate at the time of posting.

1a) Over the course of my eight years as an EGPL Board Trustee, we were successful in achieving increased sustainable funding for enhanced service hours, additional staff and greater collections budgets.  Funding for the Library needs to increase in order to prepare the organization for the addition of the new branch in Queensville.  The funding to operate the new branch needs to be carved out incrementally to ensure that staff are available and trained for the day when the branch opens, and that there is little or no impact to the property tax base.

1b) As the Library embarks on its new Strategic Planning process, I think the identification of key partners, especially subject matter experts on issues of importance to the library and its patrons will be key to delivering exceptional service.  Obviously, partnering with organizations like the Town, the Sharon Temple, the Chamber of Commerce and other social service delivery agencies will help to keep the library relevant and at the core of community identity.

2) Access to reliable, fast, AFFORDABLE internet services has come to be an absolute necessity in today’s society. And the speeds need to be quick for uploading AND downloading files.  This is a terrifically complex issue, which requires support from ALL levels of government to tackle. I have attended many workshops that have tried to address this issue.  We absolutely need to take the steps necessary to become a Smart Community and work towards accessible high-speed across all 245 square kilometers of our Town.

3) It’s a community hub where residents go to meet each other, gather information and explore new things.  As a free service, the value of our public library is limitless.  It can open doors to discovery and support those at risk of being left behind.  It’s why I volunteered my time as a Trustee even before I was a member of Council.

4) I have many fond memories of the public libraries I have visited.  As a very young girl, I remember feeling like I had won the lottery when I finally got the opportunity to borrow Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  It was such a popular book, and I couldn’t wait to explore its pages.

5) As someone who spent the majority of her career in the publishing industry, this is probably one of the most difficult questions you could have asked!  I’ve listed below a few treasured titles in my home library. You’ll see a theme of poetic literary fiction featuring strong female protagonists:

Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter
Away by Jane Urquhart
Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald
Beloved by Toni Morrison
The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 3

1a) I would support sustaining current funding levels for the EG Public Library. It would appear that usage and demand is up. I would think the library would have a good business case to ask for more money.

My approach to funding for the library is very similar to the one I would take when I was in corporate leadership. If the Library would like more funding, I would encourage the team to put together a proposal to council outlining the need, cost overview and expected benefit to library users. As stewards of our tax dollars, I believe it is incumbent on council to invest our money wisely. I truly believe investment in our library is an investment in the whole community.  I would just first need to understand what the needs are and what the results would be. To be clear, this is an approach that I would take with all groups looking for funding.

1b) Both our libraries partner with local community support groups to offer programming to our communities. These partnerships enable the library and the Not For Profits to share space, cost and heightened awareness in the community for both parties. There have been speaker series offered, the EG Gardeners have a beautiful Literacy Garden and the food pantry operates out of the library as well.  We also need to look at creative public and private partnerships.  We are fortunate to have a vibrant Friends of the Library chapter that raises money and awareness for the library as well as bringing in amazing authors right here to EG.   I would also encourage libraries to support other libraries. EG currently runs the Southlake Cinemania program with the Newmarket library and through that process we broaden our reach and our awareness. We are very fortunate in EG to have great community partnerships with our library, but, like I did bringing DUCA to town, I will continue to look for even more opportunities to support current partnerships and to encourage new ones in the future.

2) This is a key platform plank in my campaign. Ward 3 has incredible broadband challenges, especially in the rural part.  Every part of our community is better supported when we have good internet access.   Better broadband will enable more tele-commuting so that we can alleviate the congestion on our roads and enable us to attract more commercial investment.  As stated, it is not just business that relies on the internet. We use it in our schools, kids do their homework on Google docs.  Libraries offer free wifi making the internet available for those who may not have budget for home or mobile access and it enabling students to use both books and on-line sources to research school papers.   Libraries also now have robust websites, access to e-books and streaming videos as part of their membership.  The world relies on the internet… how we use it varies, but building our community for the future depends on having access to reliable fast connections.  There is funding available from the federal, provincial and regional levels of government. I will fight to ensure that EG gets its fair share.

3) There is incredible value in our libraries. Libraries really are the backbone of a healthy vibrant community. We can count on our library system to be a source of truth when what we read on the internet is questionable. Libraries are the great equalizer in society. It gives access to knowledge regardless of your socio-economic standing. Libraries bring the community together as they are often a cultural hub for the community showcasing not only authors, but artists and even musicians. Libraries open door to the world by offering wifi, online tools and books from across the library network. Libraries offer quality children’s programs (STEM projects, 3D printing) at affordable prices… AND they have a pretty amazing selection of books. These are all the tools families, businesses and connected communities are built with. How can you put a value on that?

4) I can remember as a student in public school, researching for a class project. I would go to the library when it was beside the bank in town. (it is now a convenience store) The librarian was always so helpful in guiding me to find the right resources to complete my project. I can’t remember the project, but I do remember how warm and caring the librarian was towards me. I’ll never forget that.

5) This is a great question. I was going to say Steve Jobs, A Biography but Walter Issacson. But since I am a running for elected office, I would have to say Best Laid Plans by Canadian author Terry Fallis. A great read and I highly recommend it. The CBC made it into a mini-series but it couldn’t capture the wit of the book. The book details an account of a candidate running for office who did so under the premise that he didn’t expect to win but fate conspires against him and he actually does win.  The story unfolds in true Canadian comedic fashion.  I won’t spoil any more of it.

Thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions.  I have very strong feelings about our libraries, which is why I was motivated to volunteer on the current EG Public Library Board.

1a) I believe that Town Council should increase funding for the East Gwillimbury Public Library.  Especially in light of the new library planned in the Health and Active Living Plaza in Queensville.  Libraries serve as a hub for the community in many important ways. In addition to being the anchor for literacy and education, they also engage residents, both old and young, in opportunities for social activities and technological literacy.

When planning future housing in East Gwillimbury, Town Council should include increased charges for the developers as a source of financing specifically designated to support our libraries.  It is a privilege for developers to grow in our unique rural community, and they should contribute more to the growth and preservation of our libraries.

1b) In my opinion, there are many missed opportunities with the arts community to improve services offered which would benefit the Library tremendously.  Partnerships with various arts groups (visual, musical and theatrical) who could use the library facilities for instruction as well as an exhibition venue.  Ties between the schools and libraries also need to be strengthened and expanded.  Library assistants and extra support facilitators should be included in school programming.  Technology and science companies could be partnered with in order to attract a younger demographic and promote engagement digitally with library patrons.

2) Internet connectivity issues relate to telecommunications businesses, and Town Council should be more aggressively encouraging these businesses to provide excellent customer service to all the residents in the rural areas.  In conjunction with the Town, the most state-of-the-art options need to be assessed, whether it be towers or underground conduits, and solutions pursued with the appropriate companies.  Better high-speed internet would attract more business to the area, not to mention, make using personal devices in our homes more efficient.

3) Libraries are inclusive places.  They open worlds of possibilities to our imagination.  In the words of the first Mayor of East Gwillimbury, Gladys Rolling:  “It is well known that facts which are not recorded soon are forgotten. Thus, from the beginning of time, man has undertaken, by one method or another, to record the knowledge he has gained for the benefit of future generations. Since the past is but a reflection of the future, it is not wise to lose our historical facts; they may provide guidelines for the years ahead.”  Our libraries serve as a vessel for the preservation of these facts- not only about our local community, but the whole world.

4) Around the age of 7, I remember sitting cross-legged on the floor, in a circle with the other children being read Charlotte’s Web by a librarian.  And feeling so emotionally connected to characters of the spider, the pig and the rat.  Being read to is an incredible gift which develops in the listener empathy for others.

5)  A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.  It is a timeless classic.  I’m such an admirer of Dickens’ writing that I named my children (Nicholas and Oliver) after characters in two of his most important works.  Reading and re-reading his books give me immense pleasure because of his insight into human nature.

I have since I was able to attend our Library here in Mount Albert many many years ago been an avid supporter of the Library.

My record during my previous time on Council includes the many meetings I attended as the Council Representative on your Board.

Attending your book sales over the years and still I look forward to filling my bookcases with books I have obtained and continue to reread.

The book shelves at the Legion contain to grow with books I have purchased on the history of our Veterans and the trials and tribulations that they suffered.

I have many autographed books that I purchased at the book readings organized by the Friends of the Library.  My grandchildren were encouraged by me to attend the Library. My family are all avid readers.

I am working to improve cost effective high speed connectivity throughout our communities for all the residents and have been in discussion on what they are require as we move forward into the future.

One of my favourite authors is John Grisham, and as to my memorable experience – that has to be the student presentations of their poems and stories.

We did not receive a response from this candidate at the time of posting.


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