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Advanced and Online Voting Begins October 8th, 2022

Election Day is October 24nd.

Are you ready to vote? Voters in this election will voting for the first time in a Ward system, and electing two candidates as councillors for their ward, and one candidate as mayor. This election will also elect one trustee for each of the following four school boards: the York Region District School Board, the York Region Catholic District School Board, Conseil scolaire Viamonde, and Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenire.

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Members of the Library Board sent out the following list of questions to candidates for councillor and mayor to hear their thoughts on Libraries and you’ll find all of their responses below. Click on the name of the candidate to see their responses:

  1. If elected, how do you plan to balance the needs of the Library with other municipal funding obligations?
  2. What do you believe the Library brings to our community?
  3. How do you think the Library can address the rising cost of living for residents?
  4. What is your most memorable experience at the Library?

Candidates for Mayor

We have not received a response from this candidate at the time of posting

1)  The Town of East Gwillimbury provides annual funding to our libraries and I will continue to support and advocate for such funding to ensure our public libraries have the tools and resources they need to provide and enhance their important programs and services to our community.

Through the 2018-2022 term of Council, under my leadership, the funding provided to our Public Libraries increased by an average of 5.25% annually.

2) When I moved to East Gwillimbury 40 years ago, my first volunteer opportunity was with the library as a member of their Board of Directors. An avid user of our local library, I developed an  appreciation of the public library system. I visited often to access the resources to assist with my university education which I found not only in the books, but I also benefited from the assistance and knowledge of the staff. This is still true today as our library not only offers our community valuable resources and programs but also the personal assistance of staff where needed.

Library’s are an important pillar in all communities, promoting and embracing inclusivity and diversity. The library provides a space to discover and enjoy literacy as well as the extensive programs provided for all ages.

East Gwillimbury libraries offer a suite of programs and opportunities for our residents that many have come to rely on. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic our libraries found new and innovative ways to continue to deliver their services, providing access to books and materials even though their physical location remained closed to the public. Their services became very important to our residents and many, I believe, found a new appreciation for our libraries and what they have to offer.

3) In 2022 the library took a big step to address this by eliminating the overdue library fines. Taking this step removes barriers to library services and creates an inclusive system that is fully accessible and inclusive.

Our libraries have created an incredible variety of items that can be borrowed for free with a library card. Items such as chromebooks, blueray players, gopro cameras and more. Visit their “Special Collections” page found online for more details.

They offer free wifi and public internet stations at both library locations. And, in addition, the library catalogue of books is accessible online which helps those that cannot physically visit a library location.

Our libraries have done a wonderful job in addressing the cost-of-living levels and I know they will continue to explore and develop innovative ways to deliver programs to our community at no cost or low cost.

Libraries are not only for books. They have so much more to offer. I encourage every EG resident to visit our Public Library today, get a library card and start enjoying the benefits of our local Public Library!

4) While I have many exceptional and memorable experiences, one that stands out is the WriteOn! Program the library hosts annually.

The WriteOn! Program began in 1993. The East Gwillimbury Public Library invites students in Grades 3-8 to submit their imaginative and creative writing pieces for inclusion in the annual Write On! Anthology. This is a great opportunity to share a passion for the art of writing.

For the past several years I have had the distinct pleasure to join the author selection evening and each time I am more amazed and impressed by the writing talents of our youth.

This is such an incredible program that provides exposure to those that have a passion for creative writing. If you or someone you know is a grade 3-8 student, consider this program to showcase your writing talents.

1) I will continue to advocate for municipal funding toward East Gwillimbury Public Libraries. As an elected official in the past, over the years I have supported EGPL for its’ rich programming, community events, and valuable resources and services.

2) The library brings tremendous value to our community. It is a place to seek information, provides digital resources, and is a space for community to gather. Exposure to literacy through text, film, and our ever expanding digital format enriches the lives of constituents.

3) To address the rising cost of living for our residents, every dollar saved goes a long way. By providing services and resources at no cost, by using our community spaces to support food pantries, and by providing outreach programs, we can positively impact the daily lives of our residents.

4) The memory of EGPL closest to my heart was participating in the “Books for Babies” program with my daughter. Encouraging a love of reading from a young age makes such a difference in the lives of families and has a long-lasting impact across our community.

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 1

We have not received a response from this candidate at the time of posting

We have not received a response from this candidate at the time of posting

What does “acclaimed” mean?

If there are fewer or equal the amount of certified candidates for vacancies in a role, these candidates can assume the role without taking part in an election. In Ward 1, there are two vacancies for Councillor, which will be filled by the two certified candidates without a vote. Ward 1 residents will still be asked to vote for other positions, such as Mayor and School Trustee.

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 2

We have not received a response from this candidate at the time of posting

1) To balance the library needs is to ensure that the library is getting the attention it deserves but at the same time making sure that other important municipal projects are not overlooked. The EG Council has been very supportive of the library in the past and I will continue to do so when elected as part of council.

2) The library is a safe place where everyone young or old can gather together and meet.  It does not matter whether you are an avid reader or not, it is a good place to spend the afternoon to glance at magazines or read the newspapers.  The library brings not only as a resource centre but a sense of comfort to the community knowing that the staff can be depended on to always provide materials you need when researching or help you with any technical or computer questions you might have.

3) I believe all libraries in York are not fining overdue books anymore, which is one way of assisting the residents of EG financially. There are book mobiles meant to bring books & other reading materials to adults and seniors who are unable to  drive to the nearest library. The EGPL has a list of “popular” books and all the residents have to do is add their names on the list, instead of purchasing these  books on Amazon or other stores.  There are also books and other materials available on line for card holders to read.  Besides free programs for the little ones, students and adults are also provided unlimited access to a computer and internet which are not necessarily available at home.

4) I introduced my daughters to the library at an early age.  I remember them coming home showing me ribbons & certificates for participating and winning in some library sponsored programs or games. I believe getting them exposed to books and participating in all those kids programs not only helped them read beyond their age levels but also improved their vocabularies, skills that you need in order to perform well in schools.  My daughters still remember the “Lady from the Library” who read them all kinds of stories when they were young.

We have not received a response from this candidate at the time of posting

1) After a total of 12 years as a Library Trustee, both as a community volunteer, and as a Councillor, I would like to think that we have done an excellent job of balancing the needs of the Library with other municipal priorities. We have been able to undertake important capital projects to renew and replace existing infrastructure, and of course, we are embarking on a massive new build at the Health & Active Living Plaza. EGPL has also done a great job demonstrating to Town colleagues that the Library is a resource and a support to the Town’s work. The Library has helped to train Town staff, including our firefighters, and they were an integral part of the Town’s COVID-19 response. Communicating that value makes the funding argument easy to make.

2) The Library is a community hub. It brings people and ideas together.  And because its services are free, it is universal, accessible and inclusive.  It delivers important services to some of our most at-risk residents, helps overcome social isolation, and improves learning outcomes.  And there is lots of fun to be had, too!

3) It’s a community hub where residents go to meet each other, gather information and explore new things.  As a free service, the value of our public library is limitless.  It can open doors to discovery and support those at risk of being left behind.  It’s why I volunteered my time as a Trustee even before I was a member of Council.

4) I have been fortunate to have many wonderful experiences and discoveries at libraries.  The most recent memorable experience I had, was when I was able to book a one-on-one session with a librarian who showed me how to use the Library’s Cricut machine.  With her help (EGPL’s staff are amazing!), I was able to make a custom lunchbox as a Christmas gift for my sister.    A strong reminder that the Library is not just about books; it’s about literacy in all its forms.

Candidates for Councillor – Ward 3

1) The demands on the public purse are many and it is incumbent on elected officials to be good stewards of our tax dollars.  That said, I have been a proud supporter of our library system and don’t see that changing.  In fact I have supported every library request for funding when presented during the past term of council.  Looking ahead I would expect future funding requests to come with a well thought-out plan or business case for the request.

2) We can count on our library system to be a source of truth when what we read on the internet is questionable.  As well, our libraries are a critical community connection point for new residents.  In many ways, I see our library staff as ambassadors for the Town of EG.  I was very proud of how the library was able to pivot and adapt during the pandemic and continued to offer quality service to our residents.

3) There is incredible value in our libraries.  As well, our libraries are the great equalizer in society.  It gives access to knowledge regardless of your socio-economic standing.  Our library eliminates the need for at least two paid streaming services.  Residents can replace Audible and Netflix with Hoopla and Kanopy and have the access to the internet provided as well – either in branch or through hubs that are signed out.

4) I can remember as a student in public school, researching for a class project.  I would go to the library when it was beside the bank in town.  (it is now a convenience store)  The librarian was always so helpful in guiding me to find the right resources to complete my project.  This was long before the age of internet and you really had to dig for information.  I can’t remember the project, but I do remember how warm and caring the librarian was towards me.  I’ll never forget that.


1) With the cost of living rising everyday, libraries are a great support for families. Affordability is a huge issue for all residents right now. Community resources that help keep things affordable, like our library, are a priority for me.

2) As a Board Member of the Friends of the Library, I know first hand that Libraries build communities. Programs bring people in with common interests; programs enable kids to get out and socialize; reading clubs and writing competitions promote fun literacy. And during the pandemic we saw that, even when the doors were shut, Libraries still found a way to bring people together. They were even there to help people book vaccination appointments! That is community-building.

3) The library is so much more than books on shelves. Libraries have hot spots to borrow, programs for kids, boosted wifi that reaches the parking lot, free tech support, seed libraries for gardening…you can even borrow an Ontario Parks Pass and, in Holland Landing, there’s a Food Pantry. This is an abbreviated list of services and supports our libraries offer. These programs are a direct support to families struggling with the increasing cost of living.

4) My most memorable has to be my time spent at the Food Pantry. When guests come to the pantry they not only get food support, but the library team that greets the guests also lets them know about the other supports and programs the library has to offer. To see the relief on their faces when they leave…nothing is better than that.

We have not received a response from this candidate at the time of posting

We have not received a response from this candidate at the time of posting

We have not received a response from this candidate at the time of posting


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