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Library Vision, Roles and Values

Library Vision

East Gwillimbury Public Library nurtures literacy in all its forms and is the cultural and social heart of the community. Here you create, play, and grow. And here you belong.


East Gwillimbury Public Library is the community’s destination for inspiring learning, discovery, and connections.

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We Value

Literacy & Lifelong Learning

We promote a love of reading and learning to expand your knowledge and feed your passions

Community Engagement

We value every opportunity to connect with our community. You shape our present and our future

Service Excellence

We value everyone at the library. When you visit, you are connected with positive, accessible, and enriching experiences


We believe every library experience can be unique and provide a new way of looking at the world. We value creativity, change, and new ideas

Intellectual Freedom

We provide open access to information, ideas, creative expression, and knowledge


We believe everyone belongs here. We provide a welcoming space for our community, library staff, and volunteers. Our space is where everyone’s opinions and interests matter


We are accountable to the community and practice responsible stewardship of library

Strategic Priorities

Build and Innovate

We will build for the future of a growing and diverse community and inspire innovation in our users and staff by continually evolving our programs and services


We will engage members of our community with a vibrant library system that introduces new residents to library services and the digital branch while ensuring fulfilling work experiences for our staff


We recognize the busy lifestyle of our community and we will deliver services that respond to the need for convenience and flexibility.


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