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Public Internet Use Policy


The East Gwillimbury Public Library (EGPL) offers public Internet access as part of its mandate to meet the informational, educational, and recreational needs of the community.  The purpose of this policy is to outline patron access/responsibilities and Library responsibilities.


This policy applies to all users who access the Library’s internet or use Public work stations. The terms and conditions of this policy require patron consent prior to using the Internet workstations or the wireless network. The Library may suspend or terminate all Internet workstation and wireless privileges if the Library staff reasonably believe that a patron has violated this policy.

Access to Computers

Information and resources available on the Internet can expand and enhance the materials offered at the Library. Internet workstations are available in both the Holland Landing Branch and the Mount Albert Branch.

Free wireless access is also available to those who provide their devices.

The Library does not censor by restricting Internet access. Some websites may contain information that some library patrons will find controversial or inappropriate. Library patrons access the Internet at their own discretion.


Library Cards

  • Patrons must have a valid library card in their own name in order to use the Internet workstations.  Use of the Library’s WiFi is free and does not require a Library Card.

Internet Stations

  • Internet stations can be reserved in advance by telephoning the Reference desk
  • Patrons are allowed 2 hour long sessions in a 24-hour period. Patrons who are 5 minutes late for the start of their reserved session will forfeit their session.
  • The Library reserves the right to manage the length of time for internet sessions
  • The Library provides stations that are adapted for people with disabilities
  • Children & Youth
  • Children’s Internet stations are unfiltered and it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to monitor their child’s internet access at the Library.
  • The Library reserves the right to manage the length of time for internet sessions.
  • Patrons under the age of 14 must have the written permission of a parent or legal guardian prior to using the Internet workstations or wireless network. Permission forms are available at the reference desk. Forms may be taken home, but a parent or legal guardian must present the signed form to reference staff in person. Internet permission may be withdrawn by a parent or legal guardian at any time.

Visitors to the Library

  • Non-residents of East Gwillimbury may use the Internet workstations or wireless network as guests of the Library. Visitors wishing to use the Internet workstations or the wireless network must sign up at the reference desk.
  • All restrictions set out in this policy apply to guests, including those regarding Internet permission for patrons under the age of 14.


  • The Library’s wireless network is available to patrons in the Library during the Library’s regular hours.
  • Patrons must supply their wireless device. The Library does not guarantee the reliability or security of a patron’s connections to the network or to the Internet.

Responsible Computer Use

  • It is expected that users will access the internet in such a way that does not disturb others and it respectful to their fellow patrons.
  • Installing, downloading, or modifying any software on the Internet workstations is prohibited.
  • Any damage to Library computers or their peripheral devices is the responsibility of the patron. Abuse of the equipment or the service will result in the patron being denied further access to the Internet workstations and the wireless network. Malicious damage may result in prosecution.
  • Patrons may not use the Internet workstations or the Library’s wireless network for any illegal activity or to place material on the Internet related to any illegal activity. Patrons are subject to federal and provincial legislation regulating Internet use, including the provisions of the Criminal Code regarding obscenity, child pornography, sedition, incitement of hate, etc.
  • Any illegal activity will result in the patron being denied further access to the Internet workstations and the wireless network.
  • Library reserves the right to terminate a patron’s public or wireless Internet connection at any time, or to withdraw a patron’s wireless access privileges entirely, should misuse of internet be detected.
  • The Library is not responsible for unattended laptops or other devices. The Library is not responsible for any damages sustained by patrons’ wireless devices or their contents while using the Library’s wireless network.

Library Patrons’ Rights

Library patrons have the right to confidentiality and privacy in the use of electronic information networks to the extent possible given certain constraints such as proximity of other patrons and staff in public access settings. For legal reasons complaints from patrons that a user is accessing legally prohibited material may result in an EGPL staff member intervening. The same confidentiality standards and procedures that apply to other library/public transactions will apply to the use of Internet resources. EGPL will make a best effort not to store any individual information on patron Internet use or other EGPL electronic information sources. EGPL may store cumulative, generic statistics to assure equitable access or measure service utilization and direct information subscription purchases.

Library patrons have the right to equitable access to electronic information networks.

The Library is committed to meeting the needs of patrons with disabilities and will provide, upon request, alternate formats and communication supports, in compliance with theIntegrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, Ontario Regulation 191/11 and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).


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