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Art Exhibit & Display Policy


To establish the conditions and context within which East Gwillimbury Public Library (EGPL) supports the posting of community information and provides display space for local community artists and groups.

Exhibits and Displays

EGPL provides free space for art, exhibits and showcase displays.

  1. Selection Criteria
    Applications are reviewed by the CEO and selected according to the following criteria:

    • availability of space
    • community interests and needs
    • historical significance or representation of emerging trend
    • quality of implementation
    • relation to past/future library exhibits or programs
    • suitability of physical form.

    The Library will provide space for exhibits that meet the following criteria:

    • responsive to the interests of the community
    • compatible with EGPL’s vision, mission and core purpose
    • appropriate to the Library environment and for all ages
    • not in contravention of federal or provincial laws and regulations, or municipal by-laws
    • do not contain advertisements or solicitation for recruitment, business or fundraising.

    Types of displays can include:

    • works of art, crafts, literature, or other cultural expressions from community groups or organizations, students, and artists, with an emphasis on East Gwillimbury
    • historical or other artifacts that are education or may otherwise compliment the collection of the Library
    • informational material from local agencies, schools or non-profit organizations that may wish to publicise their organization and activities.
  2. Application Procedures
    The Library welcomes applications from individuals and organizations seeking to display artwork. Preference will be given to exhibitors who live or work in East Gwillimbury.

    Applications are reviewed by the CEO on an as-needed basis. No installation will be made until a signed application is returned by an individual 18 years or older.

    The Library retains the right to determine the suitability of any proposed exhibit for display. The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit.  Application form is available in Appendix A.

  3. Guidelines
    • Patrons interested in purchasing art must contact the artist directly
    • There is no fee for the display space, but donations are welcome
    • The individual or organization agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the EGPL, its employees, and the Board from liability in case of theft, vandalism, or any other loss or damage to the exhibited materials. The individual or organization may be held liable for repairs to the Library that is a direct result of damages caused by a display or by its installation or removal.
    • Artists displaying their work cannot have exclusive use of the space
    • It is expected that all items submitted will remain on display for the agreed time, even if sold
    • The Library cannot provide storage for the property of individuals or organizations displaying in the Library
    • Showcase displays will be booked for a maximum two (2) week period, unless otherwise specified
  4. Installation and Removal
    It is the responsibility of the individual or organization to set up and remove the display on agreed-upon dates and to provide all necessary equipment. Library staff is not available to provide assistance in setting up or taking down displays.

    The individual or organization will provide at the time of installation a list of pieces in the display and descriptive signs/labels for each of the pieces. Each display shall also include information indicating who prepared it and whom to contact for further information.

  5. Insurance and Liability
    If exhibitors desire insurance, they must arrange for it at their own expense.

Distribution and Posting of Community Information

Materials displayed and/or distributed on Library premises from external individuals, community groups, agencies and institutions must meet specific directives, including pamphlets, brochures and posters.

Guidelines for Posting Community Information

The Library retains the right to determine the suitability of any proposed exhibit for display. The Library reserves the right to reject any part of a posting. Every effort will be made to post material up to the dates of advertised events.

Material must meet acceptable criteria. Materials promoting discrimination, stereotypes, violence, are political in nature, or promote religious beliefs are not accepted. Personal ads, notices and for sale/rent items are not accepted.

Publicity and promotions must be in compliance with East Gwillimbury by-laws; applicable provincial and federal laws and regulations, including the Ontario Human Rights Code; and the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

Specifications and guidelines for promotion locations, sizes, formats and rates are established and managed by the Library and must be adhered to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) Print Guidelines and AODA standards and must be appropriate for all ages, in keeping with the Library’s goal of creating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.

The Library does not accept responsibility for the loss, damage or safe return of materials. Materials will be disposed of at the conclusion of the display period.

Information Booths

The Library permits hosted information booths for community groups, non-profit groups, and charities, where the intention is non-recruiting. Booths shall not be used for commercial, political, or religious purposes.

Written requests for space should be directed to the Library Services Coordinator, including a brief description of the host organization and the purpose and content of the display.

The Library will provide a designated space, table, and chair. Display units, signs, promotional material and all other supplies are the responsibility of the group. The booth may not be used for sales or solicitation of a commercial product.

The Library reserves the right to assess the suitability of the proposed booking and to refuse the request.

Solicitations & Petitions

Solicitations by members of the pubic are not permitted in the Library, either in person, or by petition. Petitions originating with the Library Board or the Town Council are permitted.


The sale of tickets or other promotional materials for fundraising or commercial purposes is not permitted in the Library, with the exception of Town or Library Board sponsored events.

The Library is committed to meeting the needs of patrons with disabilities and will provide, upon request, alternate formats and communication supports, in compliance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, Ontario Regulation 191/11 and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).


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